MFBTY Pumps Up the Volume with their Latest EP Release

MFBTY (My Fans [Are] Better Than Yours) are a Korean hip-hop band, which consists of Tiger JK, Yoon Mi-rae, and Bizzy. It’s been four years since MFBTY’s last release, but they came back in a big way with their latest EP release, Dream Catcher. MFBTY chats about their sound, their new single, how they typically approach studio sessions, the songwriting process, how their songs are conversation pieces, and how they stay grounded in this business.  Read on to find out more about their dream collaborations and one highlight of their career so far.

GLITTER: How would you describe your sound?

Tiger JK : Soulful. Hip hop R&B and pop. It’s Feel ghood music.


GLITTER: How do you typically approach your studio sessions?

Tiger JK :  We start with who’s line is it type of way. We take it as improv. Someone throws in a word then the melody then piano bass etc. We start jamming.

Bizzy: I get influenced by environment a lot. So we usually catch things on a spot and just drop mad ideas.


GLITTER: What is the songwriting process like for you?

 Yoonmirae: We typically go into the studio with a clear mind and just jam. Unless someone comes to the studio with a set topic or idea we just jam until we land on something we feel. It’s very free-spirited.

Bizzy: Sharing your story within art is always beautiful.


GLITTER: Do you consider all of your songs as conversation pieces?

Bizzy: Not all of the songs, but it was me tho.


GLITTER: Is it true that most K-Pop songs have at least one rap verse in them?

Tiger JK : Some what. Hop hop influence is big in K-pop. Kids loved the rebellious aspects and the word play.


GLITTER: How would you describe your group dynamic?

Tiger JK : Tasha is the boss ! She is the back bone of it all. She is the voice of reason. She also sings and raps. Tiger JK is the unreasonable guy who’s quick to get distracted, hence is unpredictable. Bizzy is our connection to the outside world.


GLITTER: How has your music evolved over the years?

Tiger JK : It’s real. Lies don’t like us. So we been getting pressed by the industry. They can’t no longer hold us back. We talking to glitter mag!!!


GLITTER: What can you tell us about your new EP that just released?

Tiger JK: It’s the best album of the year !!! It’s good for your soul. It’s definitely good for your mind.


GLITTER: What advice do you have for someone wanting to get into the music business?

Yoonmirae: The music industry is definitely not for the faint of heart. You have to have thick skin and know how to laugh at yourself. People often get jaded and it’s easy to forget why you fell in love with music. It’s an absolute must to surround yourself with people you trust and keep you grounded.

Tiger JK: Read between the lines.

Bizzy: Make that feel Ghood music. Let the music ride.


GLITTER: How do you stay grounded in this business?

Yoonmirae: I think it’s the same with anything in life…it’s all about balance. Finding time for yourself is important. Realizing that although the love and fame is nice it isn’t stable it isn’t everything and it isn’t forever. You are not your career. I’m me whether I sell albums or not.


GLITTER: What new projects can we expect to see you working on?

Tiger JK : New MV off the Dream Catcher EP is going to be full of peaches.


GLITTER: Will we see you on tour soon?

Tiger JK: Yes! Please ask for us!!!


GLITTER: Who is your dream collaboration with?

Yoonmirae: I would love to work with slick Rick and Sade!!!


GLITTER: Favorite places to travel?

Bizzy: New Zealand.

Tiger JK: South America was beautiful ! Hopefully we hit Europe 2020.


One highlight of your career so far?

Bizzy: Every moment,could be now

Tiger JK: I ran into fans that our music and our struggle stopped them from ending they lives. I say this respectfully and humbly, it meant so much to us! More than anything we accomplished. Not in self-righteous way, but in the most human sense, I felt sense of purpose because I had been lost for a while.


GLITTER: Glitter has a Celebrity #SelfLoveCampaign, and we want to know, what’s self-love mean to you?

Yoonmirae: No filter selfies ^^ hahaha

Somebody always has something to say, but nobody knows better than you what you’re capable of.


Tiger JK: Loving yourself without any expectation.  Giving without wanting to receive. That’s how we should love ourselves..

Bizzy: Be responsible as a human being. Love yourself. Otherwise nobody will.


GLITTER: What do you have planned for the upcoming year?

Tiger JK:  Loving what we do, doing what we love honestly.


GLITTER: How can fans follow you?

Tiger JK : @drunkentigerJK on iG @drunkentigerJK on Twitter

And feelghoodmusic YouTube.

Thank you !

Bizzy: @bizzionary On Twitter and instagram

Also from Feelghood YouTube.