The Story of Alayah and Her Possible Return to ‘The Bachelor’

ABC/John Fleenor

As if last week’s episode of The Bachelor did not already have enough drama, the tears continued to flow into Episode 4.

After Peter’s sweet honky-tonk date with Victoria, where she unveiled some family problems from the past, things took a turn very quickly.

Peter then had Demi, from Colton’s season, put together a group date with a pillow fight challenge for the girls where things got ugly. After all the girls battled it out for Peter’s attention, Demi then selected the two winners to go against each other for the crown. Sydney and Alayah had to fight dirty for that crown and Alayah was crowned the winner just like from her pageant days.

Sydney had already taken the time to confront Peter of her doubts about Alayah’s intentions and after the challenge, she took Peter aside to back up her argument even more. Then Peter sat down with the girls and confronted the entire group.

After this drama-filled group date, a pool party took place. Instead of girls utilizing their time with Peter to talk about their relationships, a few girls wasted time to talk about Alayah and why they think she should not be there.

This threw a huge curveball at Peter who then had Chris Harrison remove a rose from the Rose Ceremony which resulted in Alayah being sent home. The episode then showed Peter talking to the producer questioning his decision of not giving her a rose and if that was the right choice or not.

Just when we thought she was gone for good, the previews for next week’s episode showed her return. We must wait and see what happens next week so grab your girls for another tear-filled episode.