Take a Look at Where Alexis Neiers Is Now


Once the star of the popular TV show, Pretty Wild, Alexis Neiers, now known as Alexis Haines, takes on recovery in her new podcast.  Haynes made her way into the Hollywood social scene through Pretty Wild. The show ran for one season on E, but had lasting repercussions on the many lives associated with the show.


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This is Alexis Neiers calling to let you know that owning our stories and wearing them with a badge of pride and without shame is possible. I’m living proof. I used to hate to have to look at this photo. It was a constant reminder that my past was very public. It was broadcasted for millions of people each week. Now, I have no ill feeling about it whatsoever. . . . This week on the RFR podcast we’re talking to Sydney Montana who was just a teen when her parents sent her to a Behavioral Modification program. It destroyed her. She is now claiming her story and taking her power back by coming on the pod and finally sharing her truth. I am so grateful for this platform that allows us to heal collectively. It is such a great episode. I hope you all enjoy #podcast #femalepodcaster

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The main protagonist of the show, Alexis Haines, recently launched a popular podcast titled Recovering From RealityRecovering from Reality focuses on Alexis’s drug addition during the height of the television show and how she has reached the milestone of being nearly ten years sober.

The former actress focuses on healing and helping others in similar situations. Alexis has been happily married for seven years, and now has two children. She no longer speaks to Tess, her co-star as much, but Tess has also found happiness in her marriage and family as well.

Be sure to keep up with Alexis Haines on her new podcast, and all the healing she is hoping to promote.