Find out the Real Story Behind Monday’s ‘The Bachelor’ Bottle Blame Game

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As you all know by now from the countless memes, Kelsey got a face full of champagne on Monday night’s episode of ‘The Bachelor.’

Poor Kelsey had a sweet little romantic set up for her and Peter during the rose ceremony but unfortunately Hannah Ann swooped in and shook things up (literally).

ABC/Maarten de Boer

In hopes of getting more time with Peter, Kelsey had brought a very nice bottle of champagne that she kept unopened for over a year for a very special moment like this one. The set up consisted of candles and rose petals I mean how obvious could it get, but Hannah Ann decided to sit down with Peter in this exact spot and thought it was for them.

As soon as Kelsey heard the bottle pop, the emotions started pouring. She then took it upon herself to confront the two where she accused Hannah Ann of opening her “special” bottle of champagne and ruining her moment. The drama did not stop there and the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

Maarten de Boer

After Kelsey shed some tears, Peter sat her down and funny enough there was another bottle of champagne, providing a second shot. Peter then handed Kelsey the bottle and she was feeling quite ballsy and that is when it happened. Boom, champagne everywhere. Poor Kelsey has been turned into a meme ever since.


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