Find out How Leonardo DiCaprio Saved a Man at Sea


Leonardo DiCaprio is not only a movie star, but he can also save lives as well.

The Hollywood actor rescued a man he found lost at sea in the Caribbean on Monday. DiCaprio was vacationing in St Bart’s with friends when the group heard a distress call, discovering a man on a neighboring Club Med yacht in St. Martin who had fallen overboard.

Fortunately, DiCaprio decided to stray off course to look for the man who had no other vessels searching for him at the time.

As darkness approached, the boat crew spotted the man in distress and was on the verge of drowning after treading water for over 11 hours. A major storm was also about to hit when he was found.

While on DiCaprio’s boat, the severely dehydrated man received food, water, and clothes, prior to being sent along with coastguards.

DiCaprio and his friends were the only responders to the Mayday call, and we are sure glad that they did.

The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star was also recently sighted at Sunday’s Golden Globes Awards in Los Angeles. Be sure to keep up with Leonardo DiCaprio as he always seems to be surprising fans and people everywhere.