Awkwafina Stars in New Comedy Central Series Later This Month

Danielle Levitt/Comedy Central

Recent Golden Globe winner, Awkwafina, will lead in her own series, Nora From Queens, set to premiere on Comedy Central on Jan. 22. 

Nora Lum, better known as Awkwafina, will ironically portray a character much like herself with her real name in a hilarious half-hour comedy series inspired by her own life growing up in Queens, New York. Awkwafina has been killing the fame game from starting out as a YouTube rapper to starring in some of our favorite movies. Oh and she just won herself a Golden Globe.

Nora lives with her father and grandma while often confiding in her cousin and friends, she navigates us through the daily struggles of a young adult living in New York.

If being a 27-year-old living with your family in New York wasn’t already tough enough, try living in the shadow of your more successful cousin. As an energetic ride-share driver, Nora’s other hobbies include doing anything that requires a lot of work and we can relate.

With Broad City over, we needed another New York comedy to take its’ place. Join Nora on her journey to find her ambition on Comedy Central later this month.