Prepare for New Music From Paramore’s Hayley Williams

Photo: Scott Kowalchyk/CBS

Hayley Williams recently took to social media to tease the prospect of new music, but this time it’s not with her band Paramore.

The artist first broached the news in a December tweet on her 31st birthday, promising a “special project” set for the upcoming year that would be her’s alone.

Subsequent tweets, and the sudden appearance of a puzzling website, have led to the conclusion that the solo project will be called Petals for Armor. The official Petals For Armor Instagram account featured little else but photographs of flower petals until the posting of a short video on Monday. It’s a mysterious clip that ends with the reveal of the date “1.22.2020,” suggesting Hayley’s plans will likely come to fruition soon.


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Posters for the Petals For Armor project have also sprung up in major metropolitan areas. All signs pointing to the fact that new music is imminent. Fans spotting the ads have enthusiastically shared them on social media.

With Paramore’s musical departure into 80’s synth on the 2017 album, After Laughter, expectations are that Hayley will move further from her punk roots to experiment with a new sound that is wholly unique. Keep an eye for news from the singer in the lead up to her new project.