Gift It a Rest + Pull off a No Gift Holiday Season


Take a peek at these ideas to make your holiday gift free and all about love, food, family, and friends. 

Although gifts have become part of a holiday tradition, the holidays are a perfect opportunity to create memories with your loved ones. Take a non-traditional approach by implementing the following “gift” ideas into your holiday gatherings this year.

1. The Gift of Words.  Encourage your guests to leave kind messages, memories, and positive words for one another. This fun activity can be implemented easily. Simply create a bag for each guest. Set out blank note cards and pens.  Throughout the evening as guests mix and mingle, each bag will be filled with good wishes.

2. The Gift of Food. Motivate your friends to bring their favorite dish and create a recipe book utilizing Pinterest’s new group board feature. The ultimate tool in planning the ultimate holiday dinner.

3. The Gift of Time. If you didn’t get to give back to the community during the Thanksgiving season, now is the time to gather the squad and volunteer. This past Thanksgiving, actor Mathew McConaughey spent his time giving back to others. Find a local charity or organization seeking volunteers. Reach out and help support a good cause of your choosing in any way you can.


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all servants served. #happythanksgiving

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4. The Gift of Music. Assemble your favorite playlist and lounge around your home sharing your favorite tunes, maybe even add in some Christmas songs such as Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” Take it a step further and find a local artist and spend the day checking out some live music.

5. The Gift of Laughter. Entice some friendly competition when you persuade your guests to partake in a game night this holiday season. For convenience, many games now include mobile options like Scattegories Mobile.

Whatever it is you choose to do with your loved ones this holiday season, know that to spread holiday cheer, you don’t always have to include gifts. Happy Holidays everyone.