The Television Debut of ‘ SpongeBob Musical Live’ on Nickelodeon


The Broadway musical of production Nickelodeon’s hit show, SpongeBob Squarepants, debuted live for the first time this past weekend for viewers to see the live adaptation of the television series. 

SpongeBob Squarepants has become a phenomenon around the world, lasting for 20 years on Nickelodeon, and continues to release new episodes and seasons. This past weekend Nickelodeon premiered the live version of the Broadway musical, SpongeBob Musical Live, on television. The SpongeBob Musical adaptation, created by Tina Landau, has been running on Broadway since 2016 and currently is on tour.

The premiere of the musical showed lively portrayals of the SpongeBob Squarepants characters like, “Planton,” “Patrick,” “Mr. Krabs,” “Pearl,” Squidward,” “Sandy,” and the familiar yellow sponge, Spongebob who was played by Ethan Slater. The original cast members of the Broadway musical returned along with Slater to reunite and bring the first-ever live musical on Nickelodeon.

In the live debut, cast members performed notable songs from the television series like “Best Day Ever” and new original songs for the production.

Many viewers who enjoyed the musical were amazed at the live version production on TV. On Twitter, fans highlighted the spectacular performance of Jai’len Christine Li Josey, who plays “Pearl” who performed “Daddy Knows Best,” along with Brian Ray Norris, cast as “Mr. Krabs.”

The SpongeBob Musical shows viewers the fantastic hard work and talent put into the production of the adaptation. Make sure to catch the phenomenal tour of The SpongeBob Musical here.