Lauren London Unveils ‘Forever Strong’ Puma Collaboration


Lauren London creates a new collection with Puma and releases an inspiring campaign video, “Forever Strong,” honoring Nipsey Hustle.

Lauren London and Puma teamed up to create another lifestyle design; however, this collection is more about rising above and coming together. “The melody replays in the key of elevated living. We forget the words, we never forget the feeling. Glory and divinity conduct our symphony,” London, states in the video.

The new campaign London released along with Puma features a phenomenal poem by Nipsey Hustles sister, Samantha Smith, and visuals of Los Angeles, including her neighborhood and Slauson Mall. The campaign begins with London’s voice rereading Smith’s poem, “There is nothing to hide here, No way to pretend. We relate we disagree, we disengage. We are running into each other.”

In the video, London rides around Los Angeles, showing familiar parts of her neighborhood and Nipsey Hustle memorials, including colorful artwork.

The new collection features new fashion pieces like crop top sweatshirts, sports bras, shirts, biker shorts, windbreakers, and a new fashionable tan piece London wears along with a puma black logo sports bra.


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A few weeks after we were done shooting, we played with the idea of adding music, or a score to the visual.. One thing was for sure, we knew we needed her voice on there, and thru those conversations we naturally shifted to adding others in respective fields, to the process. Rance & 1500 were brought on for the music, and I was truly amazed to see him sit down at the piano on the first try and basically give us what you hear now. One of the most powerful things that stuck with me from that session though, was something Nip’s sister said to me while they watched the piece and crafted the words.. I told her, “damn Nip woulda been proud” and she replied.. “No Danny, he IS proud, he is proud..”⁣ ⁣ Lauren London /// “Forever Stronger”

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With the new collection and video, many viewers were emotional with London’s tribute to Hustle and the overall message portrayed in the video. On Twitter, one user noticed the closing image of the campaign that’s similar to the GQ photoshoot with Hustle and London.

Make sure to look out for London and Puma’s full collection and watch the powerful campaign video, “Forever Strong.”