Check Out Sony Animation Pictures Short Film ‘Hair Love’ Starring Issa Rae


Sony Animation Pictures has released the official full version of the heartwarming story, Hair Love, featuring Issa Rae about the beauty of loving your natural hair.

The short film, Hair Love directed by Matthew A. Cherry, Everett Downing Jr, and Bruce W. Smith, the creator known for The Proud Family and his animation in Disney’s Princess and the Frog, came together to create a short film about the beauty of a father and daughter relationship.

Prior to the recent release, on YouTube and Instagram, Hair Love originally released with Angry Birds 2 in August as an opener of the film. The story adapted from the children’s book by Cherry, published in May, with viewers raving and enjoying the story about a father who is trying to do his daughter’s naturally curly hair for the first time.

The short film highlights the overall love coming from both characters and the beauty and versatility of Black hair that is portrayed in the book and includes Rae’s character, who is the mother and vlogger. The film begins with Zuri getting ready to see her mother, played by Issa Rae, who is getting out of the hospital after chemotherapy. When it’s time to do her hair, Zuri watches a tutorial from her mother’s “Hair Love” channel but unsuccessfully gets the hairstyle she wants, so she asks her father for some help.

The positivity and tenderness shown through the short film have many viewers happy to see diversity in animation and calling for more diversity. The short film of Hair Love represents the beauty and amazingness of family, afro curly hair, and the importance of representation in a film to children and families.