Check Out DKNY’s Collaboration With Urban Outfitters

DKNY Tech Urban Outfitters

DKNY is bringing their vintage 90’s collection, DKNY Tech, exclusively to Urban Outfitters, to bring back the classic 90’s streetwear look.  

90’s fashion is always making its return back to being in season through the iconic looks of celebrities, notable fashion campaigns, and the essence of minimalism and casual aesthetic. Donna Karen’s DKNY Tech brand influenced and highlighted the 90’s, and they are coming back to release their popular 90’s designs to Urban Outfitters.

The DKNY Tech street designs are returning their stylish puffer coats, windbreakers, track pants, and the familiar brand logo across sweatshirts. Prices range from $59 to $199 with their bodysuits starting at $59 and their reversible orange and silver puffer coats for $199.

DKNY Tech Urban Outfitters

The recent collaboration also includes modern designs like a reflective wrap skirt, crop tops, unisex fashion pieces, and the brand’s newest version of the popular sweatshirt dress trend.

DKNY Tech Urban Outfitter

The overall collection accentuates New York fashion and features New York-based musicians, DJ Angel+ Dren, whose essence in the campaign screams 90’s fashion. The campaign was shot in  New York City in front of the streets, parks, and bodegas, to give context to the stylish, streetwear looks.

Make sure to check out DKNY Tech’s revamp featuring 90’s and modern designs at Urban Outfitters.