Check out Jay-Z’s Entire Discography Release for His 50th Birthday

Photo: Adam Rose/Netflix

The infamous Jay-Z rung in his milestone birthday by releasing all his musical works on Spotify. 

With a billion dollars in net-worth, what could you possibly receive as a birthday gift? Instead of receive a gift, Jay-Z chose to gift his fans with music on this special birthday celebration. At midnight, the hip hop mogul shared his entire back catalog on Spotify. With a montage of his album covers dating back to his 1996 debut, Reasonable Doubt, Spotify shared their birthday wishes on Twitter.

A portion of Mr.Carters income stems from his subscription – based streaming service called TIDAL. In 2017, the rapper removed his albums from Spotify and Apple Music, and made them exclusively available on this service. He did choose a select few to remain on the service including Reasonable Doubt, In My Lifetime, Vol.1, and Vol.2 … Hard Knock Life. 

Some are questioning the motives of the artists choice in unlocking his discography on his competitors music outlet. However, we can’t complain because today he ensured that all fans will be able to take part in celebrating this special day. Take a listen to your favorite Jay-Z album, which can be streamed on Spotify, the worlds leading music service.