Watch Solange’s Fascinating Performance on ‘The Tonight Show’

Photo: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Solange delivered a memorable mini-concert for NBC’s Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to celebrate the release of the directors cut from her innovative fourth studio album, When I Get Home.

Solange is celebrating the end of the year with a bang.  The artist is ending her year with the director’s cut version of her beautiful project, When I Get Home, featuring the film version of the album, and is set to release next week.  In honor of the album’s film release, Solange selected “Taking on the light,” “Down with the Clique,” “Binz,” “Almeda,” and “Things I imagined” from the project.

The artist began by performing a slow melody version of “Taking on the light,” then transitioned to a dance break with her back up singers while her dancers performed behind her to begin her next song, “Down with the Clique.”

The performance included her wonderful band, dancers, soulful backup singers, and the stage set from her concerts. The white iconic stair set that’s always behind her musical production featured her dancers in their white leotards, cowboy boots, and black hats, reflecting the Houston nostalgia Solange intended to display for African American culture.

Her performance raised the stake for late-night performers.  Through her progressive transitions with each song that showcased the album’s versatility and the phenomenal energy, Solange in combination with her band, dancers, back-up singers truly lit up the stage.

On Twitter, one viewer highlighted all the performer’s talents, and the showcase of diversity included.

With her performance on The Tonight Show, viewers surely can see the talent, creativity, and direction of Solange’s newest project. Make sure to look out for the film release of When I Get Home, coming to digital platforms next week, and take a look at her recent performance.