Watch Harry Styles’ Imaginative Cinematic Trailer to ‘Adore You’

(Photo by: Will Heath/NBC)

Harry Styles announced his new upcoming single, “Adore You,” and an official trailer with narration from Rosalía.

Harry Styles is releasing a peculiar, creative music video for his new single “Adore You” from his second studio album Fine Line. On Monday, Dec. 2, he announced the news to fans along with creative art that reflects the music video for his recent third single. “Adore You” is set to release Dec. 6 along with the full video of the new visionary narrative story.

The trailer begins with a narration from Rosalía, the grammy-winning chart-topping artist from Spain. You can hear her beautiful voice tell the story of Eroda, which is a fictionalized island shaped like a frown with melancholy citizens with resting “fish faces” in a sad, dreary, gloomy island. However, the birth of Styles’ character brings light onto the island through his luminous, joyful smile.

The video shows the difficulties of being different with Styles’ character being the outcast of his island. Further along in the video, Rosalia narrates over Styles’ growing isolation and negative response from his peers, which makes him began to get depressed and later on losing himself. He soon discovers a fish that represents a connection between the two that will later on in the official release reveal their bond.

Although the trailer for “Adore You” is relatively short, it shows Styles’ fantastic acting, video cinematography, and tremendous directing skills of  Dave Meyers. It also shows the fictionalized island of Eroda, which Styles has presented to promote the single, fans are even #VisitEroda and tweeting they are visiting the island on the release date.

With Styles’ ability to present the trailer to include the music video’s important message, the release of “Adore You” is sure to be another chart-topper.