Check out Katy Perry’s ‘Cozy Little Christmas’ Music Video

Photo: Phil McCarten/CBS

Katy Perry has finally released a music video to her Christmas project, “Cozy Little Christmas,” featuring Santa Claus, Rudolph, other holiday characters, paired with beautiful visuals.

Katy Perry has delivered a visual to her first-holiday single, “Cozy Little Christmas,” in honor of the season. With 22 days left till Christmas, this music video will certainly get you in the holiday spirit. The video completes the holiday cheer by leaving viewers imagining Perry, Santa Claus, and Rudolph in one-holiday universe together.

Although the music video released on Monday, December 2nd, Perry delivered the song as an Amazon Prime exclusive last year.

In the music video, Perry replaces Mrs. Claus and spends time with Santa. The duo are featured getting massages from iconic holiday characters, laying by the poolside, and relaxing this season. The video also features different fashion eras like her 50’s inspired look, and her classic black hair look as she dances in a peppermint martini glass.

Perry’s lyrics in “Cozy Little Christmas” reflect the video’s easy-going snug and cheerful effects, highlighting the importance of spending time with loved ones this holiday season. In her song, she states, “So mister Santa, take the day off get a massage,” and ” I don’t need no diamonds no sparkly things cause you can’t buy this feeling.”

Perry not only released her music video, but also has an advent calendar reveal she announced on Twitter. The calendar features pictures from the music video,  giveaways, video clips,  and more exclusive photos of Perry.

Make sure to listen and watch  Perry’s first-holiday single, and slow down this season and spend time with loved ones.