Watch Camila Cabello’s New Music Video

(ABC/Image Group LA)

The video to “Living Proof” is a perfect pairing with the Cabello’s angel-like high-notes.

Camila Cabello answered her fans’ prayers with a new music video for her song “Living Proof.” Cabello announced the video’s release on her Twitter, telling fans, “I loved pretending I was a little fairy nymph.”

The video begins with Cabello looking positively angelic as she lies among a bed of flowers. The background dancers in the video are dressed as flowers, and the video plays heavily into Adam & Eve’s imagery between Cabello and her music video beau.

Cabello brought this vision to life on the stage of the AMA’s this year, bringing the garden background of the video to the stage and a cast of angelic dancers to support her ethereal vocal skills on stage.

This song is just one of the many hit tracks that the singer’s album, Romance, will feature and is a good sign for what is to come. Cabello has stated she wants the album to “feel like falling in love.” Fans can buy pre-sale tickets for the record, which will come out December 6.