The Weeknd Is Back with New Single ‘Heartless’ + Collaboration with Mercedes Benz

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The Weeknd comes back with another hard-hitting R&B track showcasing the beginning of his new musical era. 

The Weeknd returns with new music after returning to Instagram and tweeting mysterious tweets about the fall, alluding to his music comeback. His last project, My Dear Melancholy, was released a year ago and highlighted his heartbreak and vulnerability after his breakup with Selena Gomez. However, his most recent single “Heartless” shows another side of himself.

In “Heartless,” he discusses the desire to change but how he continues to go back to his old ways. The new project also includes the party scene he mentions in his previous albums like Starboy, Beauty Behind the Madness, and Kiss Land. Moreover, The Weeknd discusses losing himself and his struggles with his mental health in his lyrics when he says, “I lost my heart and my mind”, and “I don’t do well when alone, you hear it clear in my tone.”

The Weeknd not only has come back with his new single “Heartless” but is collaborating with Mercedes Benz. Watch the full commercial below.

On Instagram, Mercedes Benz included a clip from the commercial and announced the full film is set to release Nov. 29 and is to showcase his new single “Blinding Lights,” in addition to show the brand’s latest EQC model.

Listen to The Weeknd’s newest project “Heartless” here and get ready to watch his film with Mercedes Benz to see the debut of “Blinding Lights” coming soon.