Check Out Kesha’s Iconic Return Back to the AMAs With Big Freedia

(ABC/Image Group LA)

Kesha made an amazing return back to the American Music Awards stage after six years and performs “Raising Hell” with Big Freedia, plus a nostalgic surprise.

Kesha performed at the American Music Awards this past weekend, making a come back to the stage since her 2013 appearance. For this year AMAs, Kesha performed her recent single “Raising Hell” along with Big Freedia, telling the audience to get ready for their colorful Sunday service. The set included colorful church set windows, dancers, and Pajama costumes. With Kesha’s inspiring lyrics, Big Freedia’s amazing stage presence, and New Orleans effects the production was entertaining.

(ABC/Image Group LA)

Kesha also surprised viewers and audience members who thought she was only going to be performing “Raising Hell.” After the performance, the familiar 2009 popular song “TikTok” started to play, and the crowd went wild. Kesha’s first single and hit,”Tik Tok,” was released ten years ago and the switch up after “Raising Hell” caused her production to go above the limit of iconic

During the “Tik Tok” production, many viewers felt a sense of nostalgia because of the memories the song leaves. On Twitter, one viewer stated they felt like it was 2009 with the performance, along with Taylor Swift and Jonas Brothers.

Kesha’s appearance on AMAs has caused  “Raising Hell” and “Tik Tok” to climb the Itunes charts as a result of viewers and fans enjoying her stage presence and production.

Kesha’s performance at the American Music Awards was memorable, and showed Kesha’s growth as an artist and her impact in the music industry.