Mabel Keeps It Real This Holiday Season with New Single ‘Loneliest Time of Year’

Polydor Records

Mabel released a not-so joyful, holiday single in honor of the difficult times and feelings the season brings for some. 

The holiday season is not so merry for everyone. As a result of the lonely effects the holiday brings, Mabel surprised fans with a new melancholy pop record.  The new project is titled “Loneliest Time of Year” and features sorrowful lyrics about the season, such as, “Sorry I’m not so merry, but I feel this yearly,” and “Sleigh bells ringing still I feel sad. It’ll have you thinking of all the things that you don’t have.” Listen to Mabel’s new single here.

As opposed to more festive lyrics, Mabel explains the lyrics on Instagram saying that they reflect some realities for people who have the loneliest time of year. She also calls for people to be more kind and take care of each other for the holidays.

The project reflects the realities for some, especially those that struggle with Seasonal Depression. Seasonal Depression happens during a change of season, starting in the fall, and can be caused by various elements.

Viewers and fans of Mabel’s new single are highlighting the deeply emotional lyrics that reflect the songs melancholy mood.

the lyrics are so deep and emotional and she sounds incredible as always. go and stream loneliest time of year.. you won’t regret it. @Mabel you really did that again huh?? i love it so much. 🖤

Mabel’s new project aims to highlight the importance of spending time with loved ones and addressing mental health. Make sure this holiday you spend time enjoying yourself and spreading love with others.