Watch Naomi Campbell Get Ready with Jackie Aina in New Video

Jackie Aina/YouTube

The two women dish on their daily looks, recent trips, and teach new tricks while getting glam.

Jackie Aina, makeup guru and YouTuber, paired up with iconic supermodel, Naomi Campbell, to film a glam makeup video and it was amazing. Within the video, Campbell and Aina hold conversation naturally, laughing, and having cute moments as if they’d known each other for years.

Campbell’s routine may be simpler than you think, especially in comparison to Aina’s full beat. Fans of the two can watch more of their conversation on Campbell’s YouTube channel “Being Naomi.”

There they get into some likes and dislikes, with Campbell revealing, “I don’t like matte skin, I think it makes you look old” before commenting on more serious scandals in the fashion community.

Naomi Campbell isn’t the first model Aina has had on her channel. Earlier this year, she hosted Halima Aden, a high fashion Somali-American model. Aden and Aina showed viewers how to tie turbans and demonstrated different styles.

It is clear that Aina’s channel is the place for models to let loose and get glam, we can’t wait to see who else she gets to hang out with next.