Check out Zendaya as She Gets Personal with ‘Allure’

Photo: Miguel Reveriego/Allure

Zendaya reveals details from her new Tommy X Zendaya collection, her future plans in life, and all about her character, Rue, from the hit HBO series Euphoria.

It seems Zendaya has certainly had a fantastic year. From starring in Spiderman: Far From Home, maingtaining a lead role in HBO series, Euphoria,  guest-starring in the Netflix series OA, and featuring her second collection with Tommy Hilfiger at the Apollo theatre during NYFW, the star has really pushed herself this year. While discussing acting, singing, and designing, Zendaya reveals in her new cover with Allure that she’s also interested in studying for the LSAT in order to be able to further diversify her career goals. In the interview, she expressed her new obsession for cinematography came from Euphoria as a result of the amazing camera work throughout the television series.

Photo: Miguel Reveriego/Allure

Regarding her interests outside of film, television, and fashion, Zendaya discusses why her least favorite quote, “You can’t do it all,” makes her upset. “I don’t like the idea that you have to box yourself in or stay in one lane. Why wouldn’t I want to try to make the most of my talents and my gifts while I can?” says Zendaya.

In addition to gracing the cover of Allure, the magazine had Zendaya try nine things that she hadn’t tried before in a hilariously entertaining video.

The Allure cover also highlights Zendaya’s character from Euphoria, Rue, and how she felt portraying the role with her connection to creator, Sam Levinson, whom the character is based on.

The new edition also covered Zendaya’s iconic collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger, TommyxZendaya, that features inspirations from her grandma during the 70’s, as well as an all-inclusive diverse line for all body types. “That was my thing — I’m not going to make clothes my sister or my niece or any of the women in my family can’t wear”, said Zendaya while in conversation with Jessica Chia from Allure.

Photo: Miguel Reveriego/Allure

From fashion, television, film, design, and the star’s various other plants, the Zendaya Takes Flight Allure cover reveals everything you need to know. Again, to check out more of the amazing cover and interview, click here, and be sure to keep up with all the amazing things Zendaya always seems to be getting herself into.