Learn How Liza Koshy Overcame Self Doubt In the Past Year

(ABC/Kelsey McNeal)

Youtube’s most comedic bloggers took a break from social media to focus on self-improvement this year, and now she is back to spill the tea on what she has learned. 

Koshy started her career by yelling out cheese balls in a 6-second vine clip that took her viral. In six years, Koshy went from 100 followers to over 25 million subscribers through her major platform, YouTube, and over 40 million across Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. Now she hosts major award shows such as Nickelodeon’s Double Dare revival and a creator of the Youtube series, Liza on Demand. As you can see, in a short amount of time, Koshy sprouted like crazy in the entertainment industry. Koshy went from vine famous Youtube megastar to one of the most influential people on the internet today.

Watch the official trailer for Liza on Demand below.

In 2018, Koshy decided to take a step back to focus solely on herself. Koshy soon found that the hard work and dedication she was putting into making Liza on Demand was consuming her, and she was struggling to find time for herself. The YouTube star, and now producer, never went to college. She found a career in making videos and being herself, but also found herself jumping into the adult world faster than most. Koshy spent a lot of time alone until her show on YouTube developed, and she soon lived with her two co-stars, Travis Coles and Kamiko Glenn. The two helped humanize the show and allow her to have a personal life. We love seeing posts from Liza Koshy like the one below.

Koshy went through a time of many “expensive” therapy sessions, as she calls it, and meditation to get back to herself. She wanted to produce things that made her happy and not only what the people wanted. We hope to see more Liza Koshy shortly, creating more comedic memories.