Interview: Makenzie Moss on the New CBS Show, The Unicorn

Photographer: Rowan Daly. Hair/Makeup: Harper

Actress, Makenzie Moss, can be seen on the new CBS show, The Unicorn, as Natalie, Wade’s youngest daughter. The show also stars Walter Goggins as Natalie’s father, Wade, and Omar Benson Miller. Makenzie talks about the show, her first acting gig, how she auditioned for the show, what she’d be if she wasn’t acting, and her upcoming projects.

GLITTER: What was your first acting job?

MAKENZIE: It was actually for my dad who was directing an independent film and he had me and my sister in a scene where we each had a line.  Still remember it… “Mommy, will you make us lunch.”  I was like four-years-old.

GLITTER: What can you tell us about the CBS show, The Unicorn, without giving anything away?

MAKENZIE: Walton Goggins plays a recent widow, Wade, who is now being pushed to start dating again.  A lot of comedy and heart comes from him trying to deal with online dating as well as taking on both roles as father and mother.

GLITTER: Who do you play?

MAKENZIE: I play Wade’s youngest daughter Natalie, a kind of sassy and sporty girl who carries a small chip on her shoulder mainly due to the fact that her mother passed away a year ago.

GLITTER: How did you audition for the show?

MAKENZIE: My first audition for The Unicorn was on a Saturday morning which is a little unusual for most castings. I was actually at my friend’s sleepover party when my Mom woke me up super early that morning. which was a little embarrassing, explaining that I had a great audition with very little time to prepare so off we went to the audition…… and then I got called back four times.  The final time was for the studio who then sent my audition tape to the network and then got hired. I was soooo excited, I couldn’t stop crying happy tears!  I’ve worked really hard at this and have had a lot of “No’s,” so it was a relief and pure joy for that “Yes!”

GLITTER: What do you love to do in your spare time?

MAKENZIE: I love to dance, play with my three dogs, and hang out with my friends.

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