Billie Eilish Is the Youngest Artist Ever to Be Nominated for All Four Top Grammy Awards

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The singer has nominations in a total of six categories.

Billie Eilish is having a phenomenal year. The breakout, LA native’s fanbase has grown drastically and she has quickly become a mainstream artist whose vocal ability is celebrated by millions.


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However, Eilish isn’t only being celebrated by her fanbase now.


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At only 17, the “Bad Guy” singer is nominated for Best New Artist, Record, Album, and Song of the Year. This nomination puts her in competition with Lizzo, the fiery R&B star who also is uniquely new to the Hollywood scene.

The Grammys are ushering in a new wave of artists with their nominations, having mainly new artists nominated as talent for their top four categories. This change contrasts with the past nominees, which many felt received nominations at the expense of new musicians. Stars such as Lil Nas X and Lizzo are at the top of the pack, Lizzo winning with eight nominations.


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If you fight like a girl… cry like a girl… do ya thang run the whole damn world

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Until last year, many of these artists were unknown to the mainstream music world, but through their hard work, they’ve all managed to catch the public eye. Fans can watch and see which of their favs receive Grammy Awards on Jan 26.