Interview: Coco Jones, Catching up on Her New Music + Songwriting Process

Photographer: Tommy Du

Singer, songwriter, and actress, Coco Jones, talks about her sound, her new single, “He Ain’t Worth It,” her new EP, HDWY (which means He Don’t Want You), how her music has evolved over the years, and the highlight of her career so far. Coco also let us in on her favorite places to travel, how important it is for women to come forward in the media, and the highlight of her career so far. Read on to find out more about this inspiring triple threat.

GLITTER: How would you best describe your sound?

COCO: My sound is chill R&B sort of neo-soul. But I love the fact that I can free to create as I want, so I might completely switch it up on my next project.

GLITTER: What is your songwriting process like?

COCO: I feel something, and I write it down or do a Voice Memo until I can get into the studio. I can literally be anywhere like in the shower, walking on the treadmill in the gym, I never know when the idea will hit me. I’m just always ready to put it down.

GLITTER: What can you tell us about your new single, “He Ain’t Worth It”?  Was it inspired by any true events?

COCO: Sure was lol. The title says it all, and I feel like EVERY girl has said this once (or twice lol)

GLITTER: How do you typically approach your studio sessions?

COCO: It depends. Either my words direct the session, or the music directs it, whichever is stronger at that time. The music is very personal to me! It is a look inside of who I am at that time.

GLITTER: What can you tell us about your new EP, HDWY?

COCO: First, it stands for “He Don’t Want You,” and it was written during the span of my first breakup. This was my therapy getting everything I felt out on the table. At first, like any girl I felt a little ashamed. I did not want anyone to know I was that vulnerable! But as I got stronger through the breakup, I knew it was something that I needed to share with other girls. I was not saying that every guy was bad, but I was saying that you have to be honest with yourself when you are in a relationship, and make sure you are honoring yourself throughout the relationship.

GLITTER: How has your music evolved since you first started singing?

COCO: In every way! Just like how you grow as a human being, your skills and passions grow as well. I went from Disney pop to deep relational music. I know that I could not have ever sung or created the music I recently released. I had not experienced what I went through. As a serious artist and a writer, your music is very personal; it describes where you are in that time of your life.

GLITTER: How do you stay grounded in this business?

COCO: The business has a way of keeping you nice and humble lol. I also try to be true to myself. What this world or this business chooses to call success, I don’t. I decide where my success lies. You will never please everyone, no matter what business you are in. So I stay grounded knowing where I came from and knowing all of the things that I still want to accomplish.

GLITTER: What new projects can we expect to see you working on?

COCO: I’m constantly creating new music, and I’m preparing for a tour! I have also planned a treat for my fans. I will be doing a mini live concert via social media very soon.

GLITTER: Will we see you on tour soon?

COCO: Yes, my team is selecting cities where we have the most fan involvement. This is very exciting for me. I cannot wait to be able to sing my music in front of my fans. Live performance is one of the areas that I love the most about this business.

GLITTER: Who inspires you the most?

COCO: First, easily, my Mother. She’s my superwoman! It is vital in this business that you have someone behind you that believes in you. Because the entertainment business ebbs and flows, you always have to have that voice behind you telling you that you can do it, and telling you that you can make it! My family is very supportive; I would not be in this business if they didn’t have my back!

GLITTER: When did you first start acting?

COCO: When I was 9, I did a commercial about kids eating healthy, lol. It is so funny that you mentioned that, just thinking about that first commercial makes me giggle! What I thought this industry was going to be, is totally different from what it actually is!

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