Zayn Malik Releases New Single ‘Flames’ with Blazing Lyric Video

RCA Records

Zayn Malik, ZAYN, returns with new music by collaborating with R3HAB and Jungleboi for their single “Flames.”
Zayn Malik is making a return to the music industry with a new electronic pop single “Flames.” Malik recently collaborated with other artists on their projects and he just released his solo project with R3HAb and Jungleboi. Malik has also worked with artists like Sabrina Claudio and the indie-pop band, Shared, this year. Malik’s recent project, “Flames,” includes him as a main vocalist and R3HAB and Jungleboi as producers of the track.

R3HAB and Jungleboi are talented DJ’s known for their popular styles and bring both of their strengths to produce a mashup of electronic and pop together. The single is an upbeat track that can be played on the dance floor and has a level of deep meaning in the lyrics.

The release of “Flames” also included a lyric video for fans and viewers to unpack the meaning of the song.


Since the release of his new single, fans on Twitter are already noticing the deep meaning and amazing vocals from ZAYN. One fan said the track represents Zayn’s versatility and amazing vocal arrangements.

Hopefully, with the new sound represented in “Flames,” Malik will be releasing a new album that will showcase a new era in his music.