Take a Look at Beyoncé’s Newest Wax Figure

Madame Tussauds in Las Vegas just added a new addition to their wax-figure collection and it is a perfect replica of Beyoncé.

Madame Tussauds is known for its impressive wax figures, to the point where sometimes, visitors have a hard time telling if it’s the real thing or not. Tussauds did not disappoint in its most recent Beyoncé figure. They announced eight-weeks-ago in an Instagram post that revealed it would be the one and only Queen Bey.

Not only was it completely realistic when it was released on Thursday, Nov. 14, but it was also modeled after her legendary Coachella performance.

According to an article by US Weekly, “a team of 20 artists spent four months and more than 500 hours creating the wax figure.” Queen Bey deserved nothing less and looked amazing even in wax. The 38-year-old Grammy winner is wearing a pink, cropped hoodie with cut-off denim shorts.

Check her out at Madame Tussauds in Las Vegas and see if you can tell a difference.