Interview: King Vader on What It’s like to Be One of the Most Recognizable Names on Social Media

Photographed by Gyasi C.

King Vader started on Vine and transitioned to YouTube and in the process, became one of the most recognizable names on social media. He built his following and brand on quality, not quantity. He is best known for doing parody videos, which generate millions of views, that he produces, edits, writes and directs on his own. Find out how he became the  King of YouTube, how he prepares for a video, his dream collaboration, along with the best advice he was ever given, + more on his upcoming projects.

GLITTER: What is it like to be one of the most recognizable names on social media?

KING VADER: It’s a very amazing feeling honestly, to be one of the most recognizable names on social media. I’m beyond grateful to be in the position I’m currently in. The more people who know who I am just reminds me of the mission I aim to accomplish and how far I’ve come, because I remember when nobody knew who I was.

GLITTER: How did your page on Vine start, and when did it transition to YouTube?

KING VADER: I wanted to prove to myself that I could create some funny, amazing videos, so I started my Vine account. My transition to YouTube began with the end of Vine. It gave me the push I needed to venture off to other channels.

GLITTER: Did you think it would grow to have the following it does now?

KING VADER: I had a feeling it was going to grow because I really believed in my content. It was just about finding the right audience to grow that content, so that’s where most of my focus was.

GLITTER: Is your brand built on collaboration?

KING VADER: I would say my brand is built more on quality. I love to collaborate with other creators, but first and foremost, it’s the quality.

GLITTER: Would you consider yourself the King of YouTube?

KING VADER: I never planned on giving myself that name (King Vader), but over time, people started to say it to me, so I decided to go with it. Now that I have the title, it gives me something to strive for, and I’m starting to feel like the King of YouTube. I look at it as a stepping stone to what I really want to do – I want to truly reign as King in the film industry (and I will).

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