Don’t Miss the Drop of Jhené Aiko’s ‘None of Your Concern’ Music Video Featuring Big Sean

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Jhené Aiko and Big Sean are currently publicizing their breakup with their new song and music video, “None Of Your Concern.”Aiko released “Triggered,” shortly after their break up which sure sounded like a Big Sean diss song and had fans confused. The singer insisted that it wasn’t to disrespect the rapper and that their relationship ended on good terms. Today, Aiko has fans increasingly puzzled as she actually collaborated once more with Big Sean on the breakup-themed duet “None Of Your Concern.”

“None Of Your Concern” is a testy song of how couples handle and speak to each other when the relationship ends. It’s very much within Aiko’s breathy, airy R&B lane and it’s mostly Aiko going through the mental stages of a breakup, landing finally on anger. One verse sang: “I am not your girl anymore, you need to watch your tone.” As the song is almost over we hear a verse from Big Sean rapping: “Your two lips should come in a vase.”

Watch the official music video below.

Watching these two, who once went by the name Twenty88, being able to come together and make a hit like this one gives us all hope to hear from the duo in the future.