Look out for Jack Johnson on Brushfires Records’ New Holiday Album

Morgan Maassen/Brushfire Records

It’s time to get into the holiday spirit with some warm holiday tunes from This Warm December, Vol III.

Jack Johnson, the environmentalist and multi-platinum award-winning artist, has some news that will brighten your holiday. He announced the release of the highly anticipated third volume to Brushfire Records’ holiday album line, This Warm Holiday. The album will include traditional and original holiday songs. Fans can pre-order the album and download the original track “New Axe” as well. The full compilation will be available on Nov. 22, and the vinyl will come out on Dec. 31.

Brushfire Records isn’t just contributing to our holiday playlists, but also the musical education of children. Twenty-five percent of the proceeds will be donated in support of children’s musical education. This Warm December, Vol III brings Brushfire Records musicians and label alumni together. Fans can hear Brushfire artists such as G. Love, Bahamas, Mason Jennings, Zach Rogue (of Rogue Wave), Zach Gill, Paula Fuga on this third volume. These artists were handpicked by Johnson because of the friendship they’ve developed throughout their careers. 

Fans can watch the lyric video for “New Axe,” the album’s lead original track by Jack Johnson, below.

“New Axe” is a folksy song about the simple pleasures of life, perfect for hanging out with family this Holiday season.