Alicia Keys Will Host the 2020 Grammy Awards

Photo Credit: Scott Ramsay ©WE

Alicia Keys will return to emcee the 2020 Grammy Awards for the second year in a row.

Keys, who has won 15 Grammy awards over the course of her career, will be the third woman and the first female musician to host the awards show more than once. Keys is very-much looking forward to hosting the event again, after thinking emceeing the show would be a one-time gig.

“At first, I did think last year was a one-time thing, but when the opportunity came back around, there was no question about returning as host,” Keys said in a statement to Hollywood Reporter. “Last year was such a powerful experience for me. Not only did I feel the love in the room, but I felt it from around the world, and it confirmed the healing and unifying power of music.”

Recording Academy president/CEO Deborah Dugan had nothing but praise for Keys and expressed her excitement about the announcement. “From best new artist recipient to Grammy Award host, Alicia Keys has been a beacon of artistry within the music community for more than two decades. Last year was a testament to her compelling creativity, and we are thrilled that she will return to the Grammy stage as our host.”

Other women who have hosted the Grammys more than once include Ellen DeGeneres, who hosted in 1996 and 1997, and Rosie O’Donnell, who hosted in 1999 and 2000. Only two other female celebrities have hosted the show since it began broadcasting live in 1971: Whoopi Goldberg hosted back in 1992 and Queen Latifah hosted in 2005.

Keys is sure to once again, be an outstanding host for the show and hopefully we will see more women celebrities and musicians hosting this prestigious event in the future.