Check out How Lady Gaga Shocks Fans on Twitter

Photo: Michele Crowe/CBS

Lady Gaga shocked her Little Monsters on Twitter when she revealed she doesn’t remember her third iconic studio album, “ARTPOP.” 

Lady Gaga released her colorful electronic pop album, “ARTPOP” six years ago in 2013. Popular singles such as “Applause,” “Venus,” and “G.U.Y” were all featured on the album, and fan favorites. In addition to the popular singles, Gaga also released her film ARTPOP, which included appearances from Bravo’s, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and Andy Cohen.

Despite the iconic singles, film, and performances during Gaga’s “ARTPOP” era, on Monday, she tweeted she doesn’t remember the album.

Gaga’s tweet quickly went viral as a result of fans’ shock, especially considering this month is the anniversary of the November 6th, 2013 release. The album title went viral on Twitter as well as fans expressed their confusion and admiration towards the album, regardless of if Gaga could remember it.

One Little Monster fan expressed their gratitude for “ARTPOP”, discussing how much the album meant to them.

Although though Gaga claims she doesn’t remember “ARTPOP”, dedicated and loyal Little Monster fans, will never forget the music and the art of the album era.