Watch Will Smith’s Hilarious + Humbling Recovery from Surgery


Will Smith is known to document and show viewers his life, movies behind the scenes, and recently his comedic recovery from a colonoscopy.

Not many actors are known to keep their experiences in life available to fans; however, Will Smith makes sure to leave nothing filtered even if it’s sometimes embarrassing. On Wednesday, Smith posted an Instagram post of him going into surgery for a colonoscopy. Although the operation is known to be very painful and uncomfortable, Smith discussed his journey in a comedic route to viewers.

On Instagram, he joked about getting to 50 million followers with a colonoscopy clout video. In the clip, he showed his hospital gown, socks, and the process before the surgery.

Smith also posted a full vlog on his YouTube channel that documented the beginning of the surgery and the importance of getting your health checked. After the medical procedure; in the video, Smith said he was feeling good after the surgery, and in 2019, it’s essential to be committed to being healthy.

Watch Smith’s documented medical procedure.

Although Smith’s procedure was uncomfortable for him, his message about making sure your body is healthy inevitably translated to viewers, in addition to bringing awareness about Colorectal cancer and screenings.