Get Ready for Vanessa Hudgens in New Netflix Movie ‘The Knight Before Christmas’

Brooke Palmer/Netflix

Netflix and Hudgens are steadily adding to your favorite Christmas movie list.

Not only is Vanessa Hudgens starring in the sequel for the Princess Switch, but she’s also in a new Netflix original. Hudgens’ new movie has everything a girl could want: fall fashion, Christmas vibes, and true love in shining armor. 

Brooke Palmer/Netflix

Netflix released the trailer to the movie The Knight Before Christmas yesterday and it’s a must-watch. 

In her new role, Hudgens plays a science teacher who is doesn’t believe in love, but then she-quite literally hits it. British actor, Josh Whitehouse, plays her medieval beau, Sir Cole, a knight who is transported from the medieval era to the present day by a sorceress.  

The trailer shows Hudgens taking in the knight who she believes has amnesia, but after some romantic bonding, the two begin to fall deeply in love. This is troubling because it seems that Sir Cole is intent on getting home, and Hudgens might not hold him back. After a certain knight’s swoon-worthy declaration of affection, the trailer leaves viewers more anxious than ever. Will love will prevail, or will a knight’s sense of duty get in the way? 

Find out on Netflix, November 21st just in time for the holiday season.