Don’t Miss Billie Eilish’s New Eye-Catching Hairstyle

Terence Patrick/CBS 

Billie Eilish is best known for her trendsetting styles, but when it comes to the mullet she has been sporting, she hopes we don’t remember this trend. 

The slime green color we have seen in Eilish’s hair is still there, but just with a little different cut. The short pieces on top come off more concise than the rest, resulting in the style appearing as a mullet. She says her hairstyle is from a bad dye job and she isn’t a fan. She may not be a fan, but we can honestly say that Eilish can rock any hairstyle. She was asked by a reporter while walking through the airport when she decided to take on a mullet. The word surprised Eilish, but she laughed and admitted it was an accident. She plans on growing it out as soon as she can. Eilish seems to love taking on new changes, so it shouldn’t be long before we see another extravagant style take over.

Capital Official asks if there’s anything Eilish can’t pull off and we agree.

Eilish sported the look at a Gucci premiere.


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We support the look and Eilish no matter what she does.