Find out Why the Kravitz Family Has Us in Our Feelings

Sonja Flemming/CBS

Lenny Kravitz opened up about his daughter, Zoe, as the new Catwoman, and the love he has for his blended family. 

At the NASA Breakthrough Prize Ceremony, Lenny Kravitz performed his song, “Here to Love.” The event was established to support and encourage young scientists. “Extra,” a celebrity news outlet was fortunate enough to catch an interview with the icon. Check it out below.

Lenny reflected on his daughter, Zoe, being cast as the new Catwoman. He claims he is excited for her, especially due to the fact that he grew up watching the character and is excited for her to follow in the footsteps of all the great women who filled that role previously.

The two have a wonderful relationship and regularly support each other’s success, publicly.


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way to #raisevibration … so proud of you @lennykravitz …your shows are a true prayer to love #letloverule ♥️

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The interviewer made a comment on his family dynamic, to that Lenny said, “We are one family. We love and support each other, and it’s a beautiful thing. I don’t know; people seem to be in awe of it. It seems very normal to me, but I suppose a lot of people don’t have that situation when they’ve gone through breakthroughs and new marriages and so forth.”

Zoe also posts with her mother, Lisa Bonet’s husband, Jason Momoa expressing love and gratitude for his presence in her life.


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just a coupla 🐻’s ….love you @prideofgypsies ♥️

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The Kravitz family is a wonderful example of a loving and supportive family and they are not afraid of what other people think about their family structure. We can’t wait to see what other good things are in store for this famous family.