Virginia Women’s College Allows Female-To-Male Students to Graduate

An all women’s college in Virginia decided it was best to change their policies around and allow female-to-male transgender students to graduate with them. 

At Hollins University, female-to-male students who transitioned while attending the institute were forced to transfer to another university in order to graduate. Being that this is an all women’s college, the school held strict policies against admitting students other than women. This led to the creation of strict policies against students who no longer identified as women before graduating. With this new policy, these students are able to remain enrolled at Hollins University and obtain their degree there, as well.

Instagramers are not quite understanding why this policy wasn’t always acceptable.


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TSR STAFF: Danielle J! @prettyaries16 ________________________ In an effort to champion more diversity and inclusion on campus, a Virginia women’s college has recently decided to update its policy to now allow transgender students who transitioned from female-to-male during their time at the school the ability to be able to still obtain their college degree. ___________________________ As @NBCNews reports, Hollins University, a private women’s college in Roanoke, Virginia, has announced a new policy allowing students who transition from female-to-male during their time at school to now officially remain enrolled and ultimately earn their degree despite it being an institution for women. Under the new guidelines enrolled students who transition will no longer be required to transfer to another college. The new policy also benefits future applicants, as they no longer have to complete a full surgical transition before being eligible for admission. ___________________________ Underneath the new policy guidelines, Hollins University will also consider admission for any undergraduate applicants who “consistently live and identify as women, regardless of the gender assigned to them at birth.” However, applicants must identify as women on application materials and students who were assigned female at birth but who-Click The Link In Bio To Read More! 📸: (@gettyimages)

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In addition to this policy change, male-to-female transgender people are also granted permission to apply without any discrimination, even if a full surgery process never occurred. However, individuals born female who now identify themselves as men are not being considered for admissions.

These changes still allow for the university to be identified as a women’s college, while now allowing leniency for self identification.