Everyone Remain Calm, Disney’s ‘Frozen 2’ Tickets Are on Sale


Tickets for the highly-anticipated animated Disney movie, Frozen 2, are now on sale.

There are several projects coming to theaters for the holidays, however movie-goers and fans have been raving over Disney’s Frozen 2. Disney announced their pre-sale ticket promotion on their Twitter account this morning.

In this journey Elsa, Anna, and their friends will venture into an ancient land in hopes of discovering where Elsa’s powers originated from. Voice-actors for the characters will include returning stars like Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff and many more. With high box office projections and a history of high profit with the previous film, it is with no doubt that Disney’s Frozen 2 is expected to be a hit.

The cast has a special message for fans on Twitter:

If you find yourself skeptical of this expectation, there is an incentive happening now that may change your mind. Between now and Dec. 31 if you purchase two participating brands of Yoplait or Go-Gurt in a single transaction, you will qualify for a free ticket. Along with that you will also get a ticket good for any food or drink at the concession stands in participating theaters. To receive this generous gift you will make the purchase, take a picture of your receipt, upload it, and then wait for your email confirmation within two days of submission. Talk about a deal.

Frozen 2 was previously dated to be released on Nov. 27, but Disney moved the showing date up by almost one whole week. Be sure to purchase your tickets as the movie begins playing Nov. 22. The movie will be available in IMAX and 3D for everyone’s viewing preferences. In the meantime, do you want to build a snowman?