Check out Season 3 of ‘Atypical’ Streaming Now


Atypical, the comedic coming of age drama, makes its return for season three on Netflix. 

Atypical makes its way onto Netflix’s November 1st anticipated list of releases. The comedic drama highlights important topics such as the autism spectrum, stigmas, while imploring viewers to open their hearts and minds when regarding disabilities. The show also represents inclusivity through the variety of actors, writers, and topics they portray in the series.

This season of Atypical begins with the main characters being thrown into challenging changes and coping with new drama. The main character, played by Kier Gilchrist’s, Sam Garder, is on the autism spectrum. He starts off his first year in college and has to deal with the normal stresses of a college student, while maneuvering his disability. Elsa and Doug Garder, portrayed by Jennifer Leigh and Michael Rapaport, are shown coping with the repercussions of past events while deciding if they should fix their marriage.  Casey Garder, played by Brigette Lundy-Paine, is dealing with her new feelings for her best friend Izzie while also remaining with her boyfriend, Evan.

Many fans have not been shy when it comes to shipping Casey and Izzie’s budding relationship. On Twitter, they created the ship came “Cazzie,” and with the release of season three, fans are already enjoying the scenes the two are together in.

With the focus on autism representation and the growing number of autistic writers in the production of Atypical, the show has received positive reviews from viewers on Twitter.

With the outstanding reviews of the fantastic plot for this season, Netflix will certainly have to renew the show for another season. Watch Season 3 of Atypical today.