Watch Halsey Turn the EMA Stage into a Fantasy Land


While taking the stage for the MTV EMA’s , Halsey transformed the set into a carnival.

The EMA’s aired on Sunday night (November 3), and Halsey took home the award for the Best Pop Artist. She proved to us that she was nothing but deserving of the award by providing a surreal, colorful, and fantastical performance. The song, “Graveyard”, describes a toxic relationship from beginning to the end.

Watch the video below to follow Halsey to the “Graveyard.”

Halsey appeared on the stage while riding on the back of the carousel. She can be seen wearing a white flowy dress, making her look like fairy while also adding to the fantasy appeal. Running around barefoot, and balancing dance moves while singing, she did it all. As she ran, the stage was lit up by vibrant floral colors. As the singer approached the final chapter of the song, the scene burst into orange flames, and her unicorn-filled fantasy land caught fire in the most beautiful, breath-taking way.

Fans were mesmerized by her incredible performance and have not been shy in showing support for the artist on social media.

We are constantly enthralled by Halsey and her artistry, and we cannot wait to see what she brings to the stage next.