Vanessa Hudgens’ New Movie Will Having You Seeing Triple


If you thought seeing two of Hudgens in her movie Princess Switch was cool, then you are going to love seeing three.

It has been announced that Vanessa Hudgens will be starring in and producing a sequel to the Netflix movie Princess Switch, to be released in 2020. The first movie was a charming tale of a princess and a regular woman, both played by Hudgens. The women switch places and fall in love with each other’s boyfriends. It was a fun twist on the Prince and the Pauper fairytale, and is now getting even more exciting. The sequel is giving us a third Hudgens who causes some issues for the other two. To the delight of many, production on the new show will begin this year in the UK.


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Here we see two of the stars of The Princess Switch in one photo.

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This project is an impressive addition to Hudgens’ already busy schedule. The talented actress has had a plethora of roles these past few years, as she has shown off her talent on screen. It seems we can certainly look forward to seeing her skills in this upcoming film.

So get ready to get into the holiday spirit with another adorable tale of love, mischief, and humor. Watch Princess Switch: Switched Again and catch Hudgens doing what she does best, being a triple threat.