Lyft Helps Those Traveling to Job Interviews


If you’re traveling to a job interview, you might want to consider transporting with Lyft. 

What easier way to get from Point A to Point B than to be driven there? No hassling for parking, no waiting around for a train that’s 10 minutes late; all you’ve got to do is wait for your ride and hop in when they arrive.


Now imagine being in the situation where you’re getting ready for a job interview and something comes up last minute, you’re then forced to rush to the location in hopes that you make it on time. Lucky for us, Lyft has taken consideration towards all of those who are unemployed and making their way to a job interview with the creation of the Jobs Access Program.


Some people are choosing Lyft over competitors specifically because of this offering.

Veterans, refugees, ex-convicts, those with disabilities, those in low-income areas and those searching for their first jobs are all eligible to receive this benefit from Lyft. Lyft will be aiding with either free or discounted rides depending on  economic status. Along with this, they are also offering those eligible the opportunity to receive rides to and from work for the first three weeks of employment.

People are already psyched and spreading the good word about Lyft.

Finding a job is never easy. Trying to make your money last can be even more of a challenge. Lyft has had many events where they’ve helped those in need and continued to make a good name for themselves throughout the years. It looks like they don’t plan to stop.