Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich Makes a Comeback


If you thought the craze about the Popeye’s chicken sandwich was over, you thought wrong. 

This chicken sandwich had the lines at Popeye’s going out of the door. They sold out nationwide after so much buzz about this sandwich. It even got to the point that some people felt this sandwich was worthy enough to try selling it on eBay, seriously.

After years of being in service and of such high demand, Popeye’s gave consumers what they wanted and created the sandwich. Customers loved what Popeye’s had to offer and it kept their stores busy. This November, Popeye’s has set to re-release the chicken sandwich. This will happen specifically on a Sunday; while Chick-Fil-A is closed. Popeye’s expects to have their lines bulging once again.

The lines were too much for Popeye’s employees to handle; for this reason they’re deciding to hire 400 more employees. The plan is to have two employees a shift dedicated to making the craved chicken sandwiches.

Some people are trying to find out the best time to visit stores in order to avoid lines to try this sandwich before it disappears.

This time, the chicken sandwich will come back permanently. Let’s wait and see how long these lines will be.