Kesha Releases ‘Raising Hell’ Single + Music Video

Dana Trippe/RCA Records

Kesha is making a strong comeback through the debut of her first single and music video, “Raising Hell” ft. Big Freedia from her new upcoming album, High Road.

Kesha released her first single and music video “Raising Hell” from her fifth studio album High Road set to release January 10th ,2020. “Raising Hell” features Big Freedia and includes inspirational inclusive lyrics like ,”This is for and the misfits of creation. Take this as your holy validation.” The inspirational inclusivity combined with joyfulness is shown throughout the music video with Kesha dancing and singing in front of a church choir. The video also includes wild car chases, church scenes, and amazing fashionable looks from Kesha.

Watch Kesha’s wild, joyful music video for “Raising Hell” below.

Kesha and Big Freedia are also scheduled to debut their first performance together for “Raising Hell” on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday night. On Twitter, Kesha announced the news to fans, and they are extremely excited to watch the duo perform.

In addition to Kesha’s video and single release, she also announced the tracklist for her new project, High Road. The new album will feature 15 new tracks with collaborations from Wrabel, SturGill Simpson, Brian Wilson, Big Freedia, and her old artist name Ke$ha. On Instagram, Kesha announced the tracklist, and let fans known the album is releasing in January.

With the release of High Road and the tracklist announcement, we already know Kesha’s new project is going to fantastic.