Justin Bieber Reaches out to Fans for a New Album Push

Def Jam Press

For the past four years, Justin Bieber fans have been anxiously waiting for a new album to drop, and now it’s up to them and 20 million likes on Instagram to determine a release date. 

The task that social media users must complete is to go like a particular Instagram post from Bieber himself. It would make for the perfect holiday gift, an album wrapped in a bow found hidden amongst your gifts. The post from the star himself has caused quite the uproar with his fans directly and gaining their attention. After being on a break for his mental health and focusing on building up his relationships, Bieber seems to be back with new collaborations with Billie Eilish and more. These collabs leave us wondering what could be in store for a new album. As we watch the numbers rise, we are left anticipating when that 20 million “like” will hit.

See the post below for where the number currently stands and go double tap.

Haven’t seen the .@justinbieber official video for “I don’t care” with .@edsheeran? Watch the full preview below and don’t forget to hit the like button on Instagram.