Tyler, The Creator Takes Us to Prom in His Latest Music Video

Timothy Kuratek/CBS

Tyler, the Creator, released an intriguing video to accompany the love song “I THINK.”

The video begins in a bathroom, transitions to a party, and ends at a photo shoot. It is as visually hectic as it sounds-but in a good way. Tyler looks sharp wearing his trademark blonde wig and a two-tone pastel suit as he searches for someone. The song lyrics give us a hint about who that person is; however in the song, Tyler sings, “wasted boy I need your attention,” Tyler croons as he frantically searches for the man of the hour.


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3. i think ( LINK IN BIO)

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The ending of the video leaves us with a cliffhanger. We aren’t sure if Tyler finds who he is looking for, but we do get to see the artist bring anarchy to any room he visits. The video takes place in the scene of prom as Tyler exits a bathroom in a frantic looking for someone. Eventually, giving up and exhausted from his detective hunt, Tyler begins taking pictures. The artist looks up from taking the photos as he notices someone tapping on his shoulder. That someone seems to be the person Tyler was in search of all of along. The video cuts to a black screen and leaves us questioning who he was hoping to find and why exactly he was searching for them.

What happens then is left to the imagination because the camera shuts off at this scene. Watch it and come to your own conclusions as we wait for more visuals from the album IGOR.