Louis Tomlinson’s ‘We Made It’ Goes Beyond Fan Expectations

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Louis Tomlinson’s solo career is booming, and he’s here to express through his new music that he loves his fans and will give them what they want. 

The artist wanted to add his spin on things after split from his previous band, One DirectionHe said he felt as though he was being pushed to go the R&B/Pop-influenced route but wanted to find his own sound through experimenting.

He has previously collaborated with Bebe Rexha and Steve Aoki for the creation of electronic pop hits. He wants to create his unique tone and have his fans be proud of the original work he is bringing to the stage. Tomlinson says he grew up adoring artists like Amy Winehouse and Arctic Monkeys, and we can start to see those influences in his alternative based, drummed choruses that he is producing.

In his “We Made It” lyrics he declares, “Singing something poppy on the same four chords / Used to worry bout it, now I don’t no more.” In those lyrics we can see how he is focusing on making music he enjoys listening to and that he’s giving it to us on his terms. The artist admits he can be a bit of a perfectionist and wants this next album to be one from the soul.

Watch the video for Louis Tomlinson’s hit “We Made It” below.

Louis Tomlinson expressed his excitement for this album release in 2020 on Twitter.

We are just excited about the album as he is and will be counting down the days until January 31st, 2020.