Listen to Selena Gomez’s Surprise Single


Selena Gomez has amazed fans with the release of a catchy girl power bop after her release of a more serious single.

Selena Gomez is the queen of surprises at the moment. She recently released a song titled “Lose you to Love Me” and wowed fans with an intimate music video to match. “Lose you to Love Me” dives into Gomez’s struggle with self-love after dealing with a heart breaking toxic relationship. She may have announced the release of this video, but the surprise here was Gomez’s deeply emotional lyrics. Fans get an inside look to the way she feels singing the lyrics as they watch from the close perspective of the camera.

The second surprise is another single plus a music video for her fan base. This new single is titled “Look at Her Now,” and it is all about a girl overcoming her struggles and becoming the boss she was meant to be.

In contrast to the dark mode within her first music video, this second video provides powerful energy. It features bright colors, exciting choreography, Gomez up close and personal.

Gomez called the second single a gift to her “ride or dies.” It may have been a tough year for her, from health issues to relationship drama, but she seems to be ready to conquer the music industry once more.