Watch Tinashe’s Jaw-Dropping Visuals + Choreography in ‘Die a Little Bit’

Phil McCarten/CBS

Tinashe released an iconic music video for her most anticipated comeback song as a newly independent artist, “Die a Little Bit” ft Banks.

Tinashe is making it known that she’s back on a new level through the music video release for her new song, “Die a Little Bit.” The new single is from her new upcoming album, Songs For You. The song features a London house type beat, Bank’s fantastic flow, and Tinashe’s soprano voice mixed in to create the perfect club bop. The song’s garage bass influences the music video with Tinashe and her friends dancing in a nightclub.

The choreography in the new music video is outstanding, which Tinashe is known to deliver in her music videos. The effortless smooth moves from Tinashe match up with the songs catchy chorus, making it a definite club banger because of the memorable lyrics and dance moves.

In addition to the choreography, Tinashe serves looks with a white bustier corset top, jean shorts, and with knee-high white heel boots.

Watch Tinashe’s “Die a Little Bit” music video.

As soon as “Die a Little Bit” premiered, many fans were amazed at the visuals and the club hit that Tinashe returned with since her last project in 2018. Tinashe returning to the music scene with a different sound and vibe left viewers and fans speechless. On Twitter, the #Tinashe trended with the premiere of “Die a Little Bit,” and fans tweeted their admiration for the visual and song.

Although the new track was just released, the single is already debuting on iTunes at number one in the R&B genre and number five on iTunes music video charts. Even though the new single is performing successfully on the charts, Tinashe wants fans to know the charts are not necessary; it’s more about fans sharing the music and letting the song grow naturally.

Tinashe’s new single and music video are certainly making an impact on the music industry and to the world, letting everyone know she’s back to slay.